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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Independence Day celebrations have come of age I think. Today's kids are not psyched up to get up early and rush to school on this day to queue up in files and do the march past for the school Principal and some esteemed guests for the occasion. They are pretty cooool about these days and do not feel 'pride' in being the chosen one for the independence day.

In such an age of indifference, and lack of sensitivity, my teenage boy R is still sensitive to a large extent and is sensitised about all these issues(What else can he do since Mom is always working on too many projects that require to sensitise masses etc etc...)

Since we are stuck at home today by choice, and have loads of home work, assignments, unit tests to take care of, unanimously decided to celebrate by staying @ home only.

But, in all Bong homes, holidays and celebrations always culminate into good food. We could not be any different. As always my chef guru Sanjeev Kapoor's E newsletter gave the final idea to differentiate.

Why not try and find menu options with tricolor touch to brighten up the damp day.

Its breakfast time...

The Teenage Prince found the attempt interesting. So how can Mama be far behind.... Utthapams with tomato, onion, capsicum and green chillis.... made yummy breakfast for a not so conventional holiday.

While the day grew, I am well inspired by Sanjeev Kapoor's latest newsletter. Search is on to serve a tricolor meal for lunch.

A simple Panchratan pulao, Fish Kaalia and a tricolor fresh salad.... the outcome was pretty appetizing.

The afternoon was different... it was turn of Mother Nature to celebrate. A huge spell of shower and lightning, made my day. The view from my balcony was awsome and so, out came my camera once again.

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