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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Washing one's dirty linen in Public ad space

Ask Lalita ji..... or, say my Mom, Grand Mom or any one from your family. Th quest for the detergent that washes the best and costs the least is never-ending. In my childhood, many housewives( no one thought of calling them Home-makers, then)like my Mom used to feel proud of their choice. The battle therefore very much there... Surf vs Det vs Rin and so on

The pride in making the right and of course the wisest choice in detergent came with iconised with Lalitaji. Armed with expansion of the TV footprint in Indian homes, Lalita ji's charisma was unmatched for years.

Years passed by, with globalisation, Indian households started using and patronising the global giant brands, Ariel, Henko, Tide, Surf and their endless variants.

Today's home-maker is no longer proud of her choice. In fact she no longer cares. She is insensitive,of course not loyal to any manufacturer, marketer, brand, or variant. Today's wise home-maker is a deal-seeker.What is coming @ what deal? Who is offering what as FREE?

Lost as a bull in china shop, the lady is switching happily between Ariel, Surf, Tide or Henko without feeling guilty of betraying the favourite brand.

The condition of Marketers is no better, millions are being spent in search of the clutter breaking differential to get the special edge over competition.

Unilever's recent Rin ad giving a hoot to Tide is just an expression of that desperation. No matter what is legally, ethically right, the Indian homes are basking in the warmth of brand war in advertisement arena.

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