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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A trip to Venice and Pizza Carbonara

Me and hubby D have been married for over 13 years. Hold it! Don't panic.... We have passed 13 years and are in the 14th year, ready to celebrate Ramji's Vanbas. But thankfully, Mr D is blessed with usual dementia and hence mostly fails to keep a count of the years. Over and above we know each other for almost 17 years now, of which had a well planned courtship of 18 months, post his daring decision to propose 'marriage' to me.

Placed at parity, we still are good friends, friendship has always remained a priority in our marriage. With our otherwise diametrically opposite character traits, food ,travel, and movies have continued to remain a passion for both, come what may.

We travel on short and long weekends, travel on holidays at least once a year, and on work separately. While by design my work profile demand less frequent travel, he compensates for that with both domestic and mostly international travel, 20 days a month.But post my little R was born 12 years back, never ever did we travel without him, except for work.

Last month was a rare occasion, when I accompanied him to Venice for some Corporate Award ceremony, where NO KIDs sign was highlighted in bold and black. After a lot of struggle, I agreed, my office agreed and my son agreed to be put up in Kolkata with his Grand Parents for the 6 days, we would be out of India.

Venice, our dream romantic destination. Ultimate luxurious stay and elaborate luxurious European meals were only some of the high points. The picturesque venue, the waterways and boat rides and a complete 'NO CAR ZONE' was unbelievable. Miles of walking within the property of Cipriani or up and down the alleys in St Marks will always be remembered. Just wished, sonny R was with us.

Among all the unforgettable memories of food, the taste of the first meal, the Pizza Carbonara is still yummily young in my tastebuds and in my brain.

The hand puffed pizza dough, baked with a topping of lots of fresh ham and egg with select herbs.... Can I call it 'gooeyi'? I am still drooling over it. On the last night in Venice, after the final parting cocktail party, braving the rains, we visit St Marks, desolate on a Sunday evening,oncemore.Hand in hand we run through the drizzle to that cafe once again and dive into the same pizza once more for a lingering taste while we travel back to India the next day.

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Bong Mom said...

wow you did have fun, why no more Venice pics ?