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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Veg Mahabhoj

While I struggle to eat down the refrigerator, or fix a menu for the week, the mini-God of my universe, my 'would be teenager' decides otherwise.

Off late he relishes a 'thali', the Indian platter, North Indian or South Indian, preference slightly in favour of the North Indian one.

Hence, we ended up treating ourselves to the 'Rajdhani Mahabhoj' to our stomach, sorry sorry heart's content. At the end we felt satiated, he was overthrilled for being charged half for all the goodies he got to lay his hands on.

Could not control myself from clicking the huge spread/ thali. Hope you too salivate at the sight of the Mahabhoj

1 comment:

Sandeepa said...

Maha Bhoj i bote. Eta kothai ar ki ki thake ?

Shubho Nabo borsher priti o shubhechcha janai tomader sabaike