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Sunday, March 29, 2009

An hour of darkness to save the Earth

While cyclonic winds, pelting rain and loud thunder lashed on Delhi, the Delhiites observed an hour of darkness in search of sanity to save Mother Earth. Though 'conscience' and 'rising to the occasion' are not usually the most known traits of true Delhiites, the past few months of changes and surprises the country witnessed since 26/11 have brought in some changes.

Yesterday therefore, the city along with its citizens reinforced the pledge to fight climate change and save Mother Earth. Be it the Resident Welfare Associations or the Corporate Houses, the Multiplexes or the ITDC Hotels, the lights went off completely or partially(non-essential ones)between 8:30 to 9:30pm on 28th March.

A large number of Delhiites turned up at Dilli Haat, where WWF had organised an event. Hundreds of Delhiites braved the downpour and lit candles to join hands with fellow citizens from all over the world.

What makes me write on this is the natural awareness that is being slowly seeded in the children through school initiatives in raising awareness among future citizens.

As a continuation today, I found my little kiddo, putting small flags with messages on environment in his small treasure of potted gardens.

Our small potted garden has a curry patta ,some sunflower and Okra saplings. Today they were freshly decorated with some flag bearing a message on environment.

I thank God for blessing my child with a heart and mind to comprehend the bigger picture.

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Sandeepa said...

That is so nice.
Yeah I am really very happy with the environment awareness sown into these kids at school

Looks like you have a nice terrace, you can grow more veggies in pots you know