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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oooooh!!! Happy Days are here again

India is finally the Champion of the 1st T20 World Cup.

Those of us who grew up basking in the glory of 1983 Cricket World Cup win, it was a moment of reliving the past. Gone are the days of 120 overs a match, formats changed, its pace accelerated, and final structure is an accelerated entertainment crescendo, with an outcome quick and smart, win or loss.

20 overs is like picking up a fast food tray from Mc Donald driveway vis a vis a sit down meal, while appreciating the ambience and services and enjoying a well laid meal.

It is therefore a matter of choice. I love Mc D meals as much as I cherish a quiet sit down dinner by poolside of a classy restaurant. Hence absolutely no contradiction and the two can co-exist in my list of favourites.

All said and done, we Indians, who eat, sleep, drink, love, curse and swear cricket can rightfully celebrate the win and congratulate the fresh turks who beamed and jumped in glory last evening.

So, CHEERS!! to all fellow Indians, who think Cricket is the unifying secular religion and needs no accredition with any big or small, religion in this world.


Sandeepa said...

Mahalaya Shunle ? Ami casettee e khanik shunlam...

Bong Working Mom said...

Na shey gur e baali. Ekhon alarm diye Bangla channel e Durga o oshurder naach dekha hoy. Mone dukhkho hoy thik i.... tabe besh kaekbaar chhele ke ota shuniye set koraar cheshta korechhilam.... didn't work out