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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sunday breakfast

Today, we woke up to a cool breezy cloudy April morning. Felt like being back in the autumn or spring mornings in Europe. While the chores happen in its own speed, I put on the TV. The usual ones, I suppose, Post Mortem of Cricket, Election results, and Nandigram. The last one made my mouth go sour in the morning. Zipping through channels I found on one Bengali channel, a popular cookery show happening.

Cookery shows in India are just over a decade old, with Sanjeev Kapoor today, being a star TV Chef. In fact, if you all visit India or Dubai(no idea if he has a franchisee in US), you can drop in at any of his outlets.

Coming back to our breakfast, after a long time, we decided to have just sweet and crispy Malpuas for breakfast.

In Kolkata, at least a decade back the roadside shanties selling samosas(shingara) and kachoris (Kochuri), often fried some malpuas as well along with the usual jalebis. Unhealthy, unsanitised, yet yummy... close but un matched is the new avtar in my sanitised kitchen.

But the best achievable in our constrained conditions.... We licked, and wiped them clean.